Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buying bread...

My latest achievement in Dakar has been purchasing bread each morning for breakfast.  Breakfast here in Senegal has a lot of French elements.  To drink I usually have tea (attaya in Wolof) or instant coffee (kafe) with powdered milk.  Most people then have a large baguette type of bread with butter, jam, or chocolate spreads.  My family buys bread from the local boutique which is about 50 feet from our house.  The boutiques are located in pretty much every street corner and can sell you just about anything.  In order to practice my Wolof, I now go and purchase the bread in the morning.  In order to say “sell me bread” in Wolof, you say, “jaay ma mburu.”  The double consonant for bread (mburu) is a tricky one, but I think I have it down!  This, of course, comes after a long string of questions and greetings in Wolof.  Without these introductions, it would be quite impolite to even go up to somebody and ask for directions.

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