Monday, February 27, 2012

elections update...looks like Macky vs Wade

Official elections results will be announced this evening but all sources point to Makcy Sall and President Wade going head to head in the second round of elections to be held in March.  Despite his confident predictions, Wade did not end up getting the 50 percent of the votes that he needed in order to win outright without a run-off. In the newspaper I was reading this morning, it was reported that Wade accidentally left his voter card and ID at his local voting location, which seems rather embarrasing...luckily people know how to get it back to him.

 It will be interesting to see which of the other candidates will pledge their support for Sall or Wade.  Either way, the fact that Wade has not claimed a victory for this first round looks like it is going to make this week a lot more calm than it could have been!

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