Thursday, February 23, 2012

Y en a Marre

It looks like last night some people decided that President Wade is no longer "lui qui rassure" (he who reassures) as many of his posters and signs suggest.  Many of the young people responsible for the roadblocks and other actions against Wade's candidacy are part of the group called "y en a marre," which is short for "il y en a marre," meaning loosely, "we have had enough."  They're pretty creative in using all of the materials at their disposal to make it known that they are fed up with the present situation.  Since there are plenty of partially constructed and sometimes abandoned concrete buildings around, one can find all sorts of objects to use for road blockages.  Flooding sewers to block the autoroute (main highway into Dakar) is another strategy.  Large Wade signs like the one pictured above are also pretty effecive as barriers across busy streets.

Today is the 23rd of Febuary, which means that it is the anniversary of the M 23 movement last year that threatened to storm the National Assembly if they voted in favor of changing the constitution to allow for a vice president.  They celebrate their anniversary each month which fits quite well with the timing of the elections on the 26th.  Members of the M 23 and y en a marre in general have asked everyone to head to the place de l'independence today for a similar demonstration.

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