Monday, February 13, 2012

Waly's wedding in Bambey

This weekend, one of our program directors here at the West African Research Center graciously invited the study abroad students to his wedding in Bambey, a village about three hours to the east of Dakar.  His name is Waly, and his wife, pictured above in white, is named Fatime.

Weddings traditionally take place at the home/church/mosque of the woman who is to be married, so we spent the day at Fatime's family home.  The actual ceremony and familial negotiations happened at the mosque while the majority of the wedding guests socialized at the house.  Then some of the men came back and spoke in wolof on behalf of the bride and the groom in front of the guests.  Two of my professors gave speeches for Waly, which was pretty neat to see.  The photo on the right is of Ousmane Sene, my African Lit professor.  The one on the left is a photo of the national dish, ceeb u jen, which was served for lunch!

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